Let the Doors Swing Open

There’s a sense of achievement that comes from writing – a joy at having expressed yourself, and at having drawn a perfect stranger into the world your words wish to create. But there are perils, too – pitfalls waiting to swallow the budding writer whole – to chew him up and spit him out.

In this blog I want to try to attend to some of those pitfalls and to offer useful tools for the budding writer to overcome the challenges they face. I want to visit the writing world in positive terms and to take the sometimes overwhelming aspects of the craft and simplify them – to make them manageable and less intimidating. I do this not just for my fellow writers, but for their readers, for I can think of no better, quicker, or easier way to reduce suffering in the world than to elucidate the writing process and so help writers to excel.

But be warned! I am no expert. I face the same challenges as everyone else on this planet. I too must conquer fear, overcome weakness and endure low self esteem. I am not immune to the vagaries of happenstance, or the frustration of writer’s block. I too must bull my way past obstacles and somehow come to readable copy. I have a poetic soul, but it is elusive, and in my writing I too must coax it to perform.

So come along with me. Learn at least what makes this writer tick, and see if any of my methods will work for you. At the same time, tell me what you do, so we can learn together.

Next time… The Order of Things